David P. McKenny, S.E. and Douglas S. Krug, S.E., principals of McKennyKrug, Inc. have been working in the structural and civil engineering field since the late 1970's. We have personal experience in the design and construction of structural steel, reinforced concrete, masonry and wood structures in applications ranging from small residential structures to large industrial facilities.

Our design experience is complete. We perform preliminary design studies to investigate structural system feasibility in relation to architectural, mechanical and process requirements. Structural analysis and design of primary and secondary systems is incorporated into the design. In addition to structural design, our knowledge of non-structural code issues allows us to offer advise to clients on not only the engineering aspects of their project, but also on architectural life-safety constraints which can ultimately effect the structural design.

Engineering applications to existing structures is a unique practice; no two projects are the same. McKennyKrug can provide guidance for the modification or alteration to existing facilities. Analysis of existing facilities and incorporation of modifications to those facilities can be carried out on practically any structural system. We work closely with the owner/builder to understand why the modifications are needed. We then gather technical information on the existing structure and base the structural modifications on sound engineering analysis and a respect for maintaining or upgrading the condition of the existing structure.

Equipment anchorage is an issue receiving heightened attention, as demonstrated in the new provisions of the 1997 Uniform Building Code. Our experience in power, mechanical and electrical systems gives us an appreciation for the constraints that exist on equipment placement and feasible anchorage solutions. Give us a call if equipment anchorage is your need.

Cold-formed steel interior and exterior framing systems are becoming a more viable solution for many building applications. McKennyKrug has developed proprietary engineering design and analysis methods to quickly assess metal framing systems that may not have otherwise been considered.

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