Similar to our plan review service, we offer a "peer" review for building projects. The goal of a peer review is to provide an independent assessment of a building project pertaining to building code issues. With the increasing complexity of building codes, it is becoming more difficult for designers to anticipate the implications of code regulation on a specific project. It has been our experience that a relatively small amount of time devoted to assessing major building code issues can often save long delays in re-design and unanticipated building component integration. Key issues such as building height, building floor area, site placement, type of construction and major exiting concepts are reviewed. Occupancy classification and occupant load determination is reviewed. It is not our intent to offer alternate solutions nor do we "value engineer" the design. Rather, our main interest is in establishing a framework within the design's parameters from which a viable code compliant design can be presented for the building's owner and its occupants. A peer review also helps to assist the regulatory agency's review process by addressing concerns specific to a building code review. Because of potential client conflicts, this service is limited to areas where public sector clients are not involved. Call us for more information concerning your specific project.

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