McKennyKrug, Inc. compliments its engineering experience with a thorough knowledge of building code applications. Involved with the evolution of building codes on a continuous basis since the mid-1980's, we continue to serve as building code review specialists for governmental jurisdictions and private building owners and designers throughout California and the West.

We have reviewed facilities for code conformance ranging from custom residential dwellings to high-rise office buildings and complex manufacturing facilities. Our reviews involve not only verification of general structural compliance but also include non-structural "life safety" topics, including inspection administration requirements, occupancy classification, building exiting systems, fire-resistive design and California "Title 24" disabled access features for site and building. Our proprietary building analysis software - developed in house to focus on specific California Code criteria - permits rapid evaluation of primary building constraints for allowable building area, type of construction, and use/occupancy.  With the more complex variables introduced in the I-codes, this type of analysis can quickly check the global validity of a building project and also can be used to verify if a less restrictive and more economical type of construction is a viable alternative.

Complementing our in-house architectural life-safety, structural and disabled access review is our relationship with established mechanical and electrical engineering firms and other structural engineering interests. We team with GLUMAC, Inc, a full service electrical and mechanical engineering firm, to provide a "turn-key" building, plumbing, mechanical and electrical code plan review service. Our relationship with GLUMAC spans over two decades.  We rely on their inter-discipline expertise for quality commercial plumbing, mechanical and electrical and building energy reviews.

McKennyKrug was an associate member of the primary Western U.S code development operation, the International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO) and is currently involved with the International Code Council (ICC) as a corporate member.  Our history with code development and evolution continues as we make the transition from UBC to IBC based California codes. We remain active in the evolution of code writing and devote a significant portion of our professional careers researching proper application of current and past building code regulations.

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